TC Comps!

This is the page where it is your chance to earn extra Tokens! All you have to do is enter a comp, and wait until it’s closing date. One lucky winner will receive the given amount of Tokens and 3 runners-up will receive the given amount of Tokens. Max 2 entries per penguin.

Fill in the form below to enter a comp:


Twitter “Keyword Race” comp – exclusive to Twitter

Here’s how it goes – this comp is exclusive to people on Twitter who follow me (@Andromeda4CP). Basically, every fortnight (2 weeks) I have a Token giveaway. They will differ from this or a question. Here are the instructions on how to play this game:

  1. Go on Twitter when a comp is on (usually around 4:30-5:00pm UK time)
  2. You must be following me
  3. I will announce when  a keyword has been posted at this page link.
  4. You have to go to this page to find out what the keyword is.
  5. I will post 5 keywords and you have to enter them as they appear in the “Answers” section of the competition form (above), don’t forget to select the “Twitter: Keyword” option of the “Comp Name” option on the form.
  6. The first penguin to email me with the correct 5 keywords wins a given amount of Tokens, 3 runners up also win a given amount of Tokens.
  7. Simple.

Comp Keywords:

  1.  Currently unavaliable
  2.  Currently unavaliable
  3.  Currently unavaliable
  4.  Currently unavaliable
  5.  Currently unavaliable

Comp 1:  Where am I?

Winner wins: 60 Tokens
3 Runners-up win: 15 Tokens each
Closing date: 2nd February 2012
Instructions: Use the clues given to find out in which room on CP I’m hiding.

Room 1: I’m usually decorated for the anniversary party. I have one game inside me. Upstairs is for bookworms. Where am I?

Room 2: I’m a good place for penguins to chillax. I’m usually warm, but I’m quite the opposite, I really don’t know why I exist on Club penguin. I have 2 deck chairs, and am a great place to use a bucket and spade. Where am I?

Room 3: I have howling winds and a cave. I have a river and a tree stump. I’m in the middle of nowhere. I’m visited rather a lot in missions. Where am I?
Comp 2: Spot The Difference
Winner wins: 100 Tokens
3 Runners-up win: 30 Tokens each
Closing Date: 2nd February 2012
Instructions: Which penguin is the real Andromeda4? Which ones are fakes? Just choose from A, B or C.

Andromeda4 A


Andromeda4 B


Andromeda4 C


More comps coming soon…


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