Snap! With…

Welcome to Snap! , the all new feature which allows you to see my cool photos with CPC’s puffle agents! Hover your mouse over this page to see who’s been Snapped! and view all the awesome pics!

Here’s an example of what a pic might look like:

Snap Example Image

There’s going to be a huge variety of different pics! And you can even send in your own with another awesome feature called “SnapU!”. More info below:

“SnapU!” is also another new feature to Club Penguin City. It is where you can send me your pics just like on Club Penguin “Penguins Around The World” thing (click here to view). Also if your pic is chosen, you’ll win 100 Tokens. Here is a description of what it is from the Club Penguin website (edited):

“SnapU!” is a gallery of photos from fans just like you! It’s a place to show everyone around the globe the cool places you take your penguins and puffles. Get your camera, get creative & have fun! If your photo gets chosen, the community will see it here.
So send in your pics to now!
So that’s “SnapU!”. Toffee (my orange puffle toy) is our main puffle, and you’ll see him in most of the latest pics, (actually, he’s in all of the latest ones of Oct 2011).  So enjoy!! More puffles coming soon!!



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