Case of the Missing Coins

Mission Difficulty: ★★★★★

  1. Talk to Rookie (the green agent with the red glasses) and choose some options to finish the conversation. Rookie will lock himself out of the vault. Go to the ‘Staff Only’ office upstairs to find the code for the vault.
  2. Go to the computer and turn on the power button. It will say you need a boot disk. Scroll right and look under the sofa. Drag the boot disk and the paper clip to your inventory.
  1. Go back to the computer and insert the boot disk. Click on my files and then go to combination numbers. Write down the combination number for the vault.
  1. Go back down to the vault and open it putting in your code, ask the Rookie to watch guard and go to the Headquarters using your spy phone.
  2. Speak to G and click on the video he wants you to watch. You’ll see the coins moving from the floor to the roof. Speak to him until he opens the draw on the right.
  3. Pick the key on the top left. It’s for the Roof access.
  1. Go back into the Gift Shop and up into the office again, this time on the left you’ll see the Roof access door. Use the key from ‘G’ to get inside.
  2. On the roof, you’ll see the Powa box and a piece of white fur in the drain beside it. Pick up the fur and use the wrench on your spy-phone (tools) to open the Powa box.
  3. Use the paperclip you picked up under the couch earlier and stick it on the chip inside the Powa box. It will cause it to malfunction. This causes the magnet to drop the coins back to the floor, but also causes the power to go out.
  1. Go back to the vault and click on the coins to get the Rookie out. Talk to him and he’ll stand guard.
  2. Go back to G and talk to him. Give him the white tuft of fur when he asks for them (the text options) and he will give you a flash light. It’s on the table on your far right.
  3. Go to the Town and go into the Nightclub. Use the flash light (or night vision goggles if you have them) and make your way to the right. Go down the ladder inside the right speaker into the Boiler Room.
  4. Inside the Boiler Room, you go to the left and eventually you’ll see the Fuse box. Read the instructions on it and open it up. There is a green/red light puzzle.
  5. The idea of the puzzle is to make all the colours green. If you click them randomly eventually you will get it but a tip is to not click the colour directly beside the one you’ve just clicked. You will get it a lot quicker. It will take around 3 minutes if you just keep on clicking. (My record is 2 clicks!)
  6. Go back to G and he will give you the letter of thanks and the medal for completing the mission.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed mission 3! Receive your medal and card.

 We hope our cheats helped! Download the printable version here: click here to download

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