Aunt Arctic Tracker

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Aunt Arctic Tracker

Aunt Arctic (also nicknamed “AA“, for short) is known for being the Club Penguin Times columnist since it’s release date in May 2006. However being one of the earliest mascots in Club Penguin histroy, Aunt Arctic only became an official mascot during the Penguin Play Awards 2009 on March 20th, 2009. Considering Aunt Arctic’s articles are read by billions Club Penguin users weekly, it’s fair to say that she is arguably the most influential penguin on the island. Aunt Arctic is also known for being an avid puffle-lover, considering she owns nearly a dozen puffles (according to several newspaper issues and a PSA mission).
Aunt Arctic is a green penguin (slightly darker than Rookie) with a pink toque and black visible shades, with an attached pencil to her left side.
Aunt Arctic often speaks like a reporter or interviewer during her visits. She entertains Club Penguin users by asking them questions and answering certain given questions.
Aunt Arctic owned a Purple Puffle before it was even essentially released in the Adopt-A-Puffle Catalog.
Aunt Arctic’s primary role is to inform Club Penguin users of weekly upcoming updates, such as forthcoming events or even important forthcoming alerts.
Aunt Arctic, Cadence and the newly added Puffle Handler are among the only female mascots on Club Penguin.
Although it’s unconfirmed, strong rumors insist that Aunt Arctic has a recondite connection with the Elite Penguin Force.
A particular autographed background can be obtain when Aunt Arctic is spotted on Club Penguin.

Aunt Arctic is another significant representation of Club Penguin‘s ingenious creations. In this case, being the prevailing Club Penguin Times.


Unfortunately, Aunt Arctic only visits the island irregularly, averaging an appearance of once per year. Commenced in 2011, Aunt Arctic now visits the annual one-day Club Penguin Anniversary Party on October 24th. Formerly, Aunt Arctic would visit the annual Penguin Play Awards, however the event concluded in 2011. Aunt Arctic remains on each server for a respective 15-20 minutes, though sporadically she will visit each server less frequently due to her brief stay. Nevertheless, our Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Tracker functions incredibly accurately and guarantees you an opportunity to meet Aunt Arctic, regardless of her short visit.
1.Aunt Arctic visits clustered servers during peak hours of the day while she visits quiet servers during nadir hours of the day.
2.During the Anniversary Party, Aunt Arctic is primarily found within the Coffee Shop and Book Room, although can be found nearly anywhere on the island.
3.Aunt Arctic is normally administrated by a human, however may be controlled by a human if Club Penguin‘s business hours are closed.
4.Aunt Arctic is likely to be surrounded by a large crowd in both her room and surrounding rooms, which greatly support indicate if she is nearby.
5.Aunt Arctic can be found on foreign languages during dawn and early mornings.
6.You can use our official Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Tracker Chat for a much accelerated chance at locating Aunt Arctic on Club Penguin — click here!

Tracking a mascot whose rarely online is indefinitely quite difficult, however, frustration is not a reasonable response. Persistent effort and patience is the key to great success.


Aunt Arctic autographed background – #1


6th Anniversary Party (October 2011)
Penguin Play Awards (March 2010)
Penguin Play Awards (March 2009)


7th Anniversary Party (October 25th, 2012)


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