Hall of Fame

This is the page where all my team’s penguin pics and info are displayed. You can contact any of my team if needed. They are here to help.


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AndromedaCP#!/profile.php?id=100003192114572

Twitter: http://twitter.com//Andromeda4CP

YouTube: http://youtube.com/user/GoldenPuffle1

Email: goldenpuffle1@gmail.com
Website: clubpenguincheatscity.tk and clubpenguintour.info/blog

also http://clubpenguinaerocp.blogspot.com

Andromeda4 is the founder of Club Penguin City and has been working hard to help and supply all penguins with the freshest of cheats. I’m always here to help any penguins in need and give them ideas. Andromeda4 is a very friendly penguin and is happy to assist any penguin in need.


Puppy Paws 3

Puppy Paws 3 was the first author to join and has been very helpful since. He has supplied lots of tips and posted lots of cheats, and we are lucky to have him as an author. Puppy Paws 3 is a very, very talented author and a very helpful and friendly penguin.






Facebook: n/a
Twitter: n/a
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Cpbinweevils?feature=mhum
Website: www.thecpbinweevilssite.weebly.com

Facebook: (name) Clubpenguin helptoday
Twitter: (name)  paulwag2

Website:  http://clubpenguinhelptoday.wordpress.com/



Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tobias.lucero1?ref=tn_tinyman

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/TobiasLucero3

YouTube:  http://youtube.com/gamereviewer79

Email:  mejuegs@hotmail.com

Website:  http://clubpenguincranky.wordpress.com


Facebook: n/a

Twitter: @SnowT112CPA

YouTube: n/a

Email: snow22019cpcp@live.com

Website: www.clubpenguinair.wordpress.com



I hope that you’ll join my team!

  1. you need to update this!

  2. The new author, cpblogger2 is a amazing poster!!

  3. @CPSnowT112 is my Twitter 🙂

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