Welcome to Club Penguin City, a free source for the latest and best of Club Penguin Cheats.

We are here at Club Penguin City to help you make the most out of Club Penguin. We provide free cheats for all the latest events and parties on Club Penguin.

Here are the Terms Of Use for using this site.

CopyRight Notice:
All content on this site is copyright Andromeda4 and team. Under no circumstances must any content be taken off this site without permission from me. If you fail to do so, you may have your site shut down!

Our comment boxes are a place for you to chat to friends, suggest new ideas for this site, and general comments. We do not accept swearing, racism, sexual talk, or any other affencive type of chat or giving away of any personal information. Please do not advertise without permission directly from me. If you fail to do so, you may be banned from chatting for a certain amount of time!

Working for our site:
I love posting you the latest pin updates, field-ops, cheats and much more. But sometimes I can’t do it due to holidays/vacations or maybe I might be out or busy! That’s where you come in! If you know how to take screenshots, edit pictures and are good at spelling, then you can apply for a job on my site! Just click here to apply for a job on my site! Remember, you won’t definitely be picked, but if you are you will receive an email saying you have been invited to share a WordPress Site!

Supporting our site:
The Support Our Site! page on our site is there for you to share our site with your friends and site visitors, and also we give away some of the un-coded club penguin banners which are not displayed in the banners section of the club penguin website like the card jitsu water banner and the epf banner. They are there for your enjoyment and convenience, any inappropriate usage of these banners may result in you having your site shut down!

Your Safety:
One of our biggest aims here at Club Penguin City is to keep you safe, not only on this site, but on Club Penguin too. We do not send viruses or cookies or any other type of viruses that could harm your computer. Do not use the chat boxes provided as a place to have personal talk with your friends or anyone else. You never know who else might be viewing this site, as anyone can view your comments that you post. You can have personal talk with your friends directly, please do not use the chat boxes on any site for personal talk. If any personal talk is discovered inside the chat boxes, the comment(s) will automatically be deleted and you may be banned from chatting for a certain amount of time. Please use reliable and safe places to give away personal information. Thank you for your co-operation.


Penguin Club:
The Penguin Club is a club especially designed for your fun and entertainment. If you don’t participate in any Penguin Club events for 3 months without a good reason, then you may risk a ban. Any rudeness, racism or any other form of abuse at these events are not accepted and will receive a suitable punishment. You don’t have to receive the Monthly Newsletter as part of this, even though it will have a section each month which says all the Penguin Club news and when the next event is on. I will have note of anyone who joins, and if you give the password to a friend who is not a member without my permission, then you will receive a ban. As usual, no abusive or offensive chat is accepted. Thank you for your co-operation.

Please obey these simple terms and avoid the consequences! 🙂

*Last updated on 3rd September 2011.


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