Club Penguin Dubstep Puffle & Blue Penguin Glitch!

Club Penguin have uploaded a new video to their YouTube channel, called Dubstep puffle. Check it out:

Cool! There’s even a code at the end: HPHONES1.

Woah, that vid is totally crazy! A man with a puffle on his head, a snowboarding/surfing puffle, all of it’s just so CRAZY! Which bit did you think was the craziest? Let us know in the comments.

Part 2 – The blue penguin glitch. I’ve done a YouTube video for this, to save taking tons of pictures.

That glitch is so weird! If you’re viewing on a phone or something that can’t view YouTube, here’s a pic of the glitch:

Does the glitch work for you? Let us know in the comments.


About Andromeda4

Club Penguin fan, graphics designer, owner of Club Penguin City and Club Penguin Aero, co-owner of Club Penguin Tour and designer/worker for Turtle Island. BFF: Puppy Paws 3 :)

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