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Buddy List Update

Hello Penguins!

On the CP blog today I noticed a post about a bug with the buddy lists that’s now been fixed. Here’s what BillyBob said:

Hello Penguins!
Some of you have let us know that your buddy list looks empty right now. 
Just wanted to let you know that the team is working hard to squash this pesky bug as I write this blog post. 
UPDATE: The team squashed the bug! Try refreshing your web browser, wait 1 minute, then try logging in again. This should fix the buddy list issue on your computer.
Thanks for letting us know about the bug, and for being so patient! 
Until then… Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team
It’s good that the bug’s been fixed! I hope you guys who’re affected by this pesky bug are happy now it’s been squashed!
Also – I recently made an account on a website called FormSpring. It’s a site where you can ask people questions. Ask me anything at!
Tell us what you think of this bug in the comments!

New Field Op #49, New Newspaper #310, Prize Booth Updates, Club Penguin Video Update By BillyBob & New EPF Message – G!

New Field Op #49

Finally, CP have released a new field-op! This time it’s at the Boiler Room, near the old newspaper cabinet.

Then complete the puzzle. Then you’ll receive a message from G and your medal.

Congratulations! You’ve completed the latest field-op!

Don’t forget to check the field-op tracker regulary to see if there’s a new field-op avaliable. Leave a comment about what you thought about this field-op.


New Newspaper #310

There’s a new newspaper out and it’s issue 310! Here’s the front cover:

It also mentions in the article below the one visible, about the “Big Plans For Puffles”. This is talked about by BillyBob in the video update, which I’ll tell you about later on in this post.

Also, there’s plenty of upcoming events coming up, and in the video update BillyBob said that “it’s going to be the busiest few months in the history of club penguin”. So, there’s going to be tons of awesome upcoming events over the next few months.

If you can’t read that, here’s what’s coming up…

Starting Now: New Prizes! – Trade your tickets for new items at the prize booth in the Forest!

Oct. 6: Penguin Style Catalogue – Spooky Haloween costumes haunt the Gift Shop.

Oct. 6: Big plans for puffles will be announced!

Oct. 6: New pin hidden

Oct. 13: Better Igloos Catalogue – Frightful furniture coming soon.

That’s plenty to look forward to! Leave a comment about what you think of the newspaper and upcoming events.


Prize Booth Updates

There’s new items at the prize booth in the Forest! Also there’s new items for members aswell. It’s time to earn tickets again, so you don’t have to go through all the hassle of playing game after game, click here to watch a tutorial video on how to get unlimited tickets!

Forest prize booth:

Member prize booth:

Lots of cool new prizes! Tell us what you think of them in the comments.


Club Penguin Video Update By BillyBob

There’s a new post on the CP blog about an awesome video update from BillyBob about what’s coming up soon. You can watch it below:

Here’s what BillyBob wrote in the post:

I’m really excited about the next few months in Club Penguin. The team has been working really hard behind the scenes to create some brand new stuff for you… and it’s all starting in October! 
Tonight we’re doing some major updates to get the servers ready for some HUGE stuff. As I mentioned last week, sometimes when we do major updates, we end up with some bugs to squash. As always, let us know if you find any, and the team will do their best to squash them as soon as possible! 
Instead of writing about the brand new stuff, I thought I’d tell you about it in a video instead.
 Here’s some of the awesome stuff coming up:
  • Puffle Hats
  • Updated Puffle Stats+Feed, sleep etc notifications
  • New safe chat
  • (almost) Unlimited buddies
  • The Haloween Haunted Mansion avaliable to everyone (yes!!)!
  • On October 24th it’s the Club Penguin Birthday Party + an exclusive hat only avaliable on the day.

I can’t wait! There’s tons of new awesome updates coming up! (Although I might be on holiday some time around the end of October near the CP birthday party, but oh well, I’ll bring my laptop with me, hopefully).

Tell us what you think of these awesome updates in the comments.


New EPF Message – G

Finally, G has sent EPF agents a message! It’s about the return of messages and field-ops, whilst Herbert is safely asleep!

If you can’t read it, here’s what it says:

September 28


Hello everyone! Our Communication system is finally secure again. Agents – report for new Field-Op training, and keep an eye on Herbert.

The new field-op is avaliable in the command room – and the Herbert cam is avaliable on the command room TV monitor.

Tell us what you think of this message from G in the comments.

That’s all in today’s post, see you in the next post.






Quick post

Top secret for epf agents only;

Attention all agents, Down at the comment area, Do you think herbert will escape from the trap? Put it down there.

Just in case, we have penguins around the world at club penguin getting ready to escape. As we know this, Klutzy has escaped but not herbert. Agents are finding klutzy but still no luck. All agents have to find klutzy before something terrible happens. Keep trying. Who knows what klutzy is making. He might create a devise that can destroy clubpenguin!!!!! Be on the look out agents!!!!


Top secert for epf agents only


[This post will soon turn to a video at youtube at ]

Posted by paulwag

Club Penguin City gets Twitter!

Hello (again) Penguins!

I have an announcement for you all… Club Penguin City now has a Twitter account! Please follow us as we’re just starting off, and tell your friends to visit our account. This is the link to my account:

We’ll be posting cheat updates, and lots more online. There is also a new opportunity to earn Tokens by following us.



The Fair Unlimited Ticket Cheat!

Hello Penguins!

Recently I discovered a glitch on CP which allows you to get unlimited Tickets. Well, not unlimited, but something like 39000 in 30 secs. I did a YouTube video on this glitch, and you can find out how by watching the vid below.

Hope you like this cheat, and find it useful! Tell us what you thought of this cool glitch in the comments.


Herbert cam

updated on sep. 24  7:50  pacific time


We try to update every day.

Club Penguin City 23rd Sept Updates!

Hello Penguins!

You may have noticed that I’ve been very busy updating over the past few hours. I’ve added some exclusive new banners to the Fan Banners page, and have added a search bar to our sidebar. I’ve also been updating YouTube videos such as the “Visit ClubPenguinA4” video is now “Visit Club Penguin City”, and has an annotation on it (which you can only view on a computer/laptop), and the Toolbar Vid has also been updated. Talking of toolbars, our site toolbar has also been updated with a new logo, a link to CP and the Pixlr Image Editor bug fixed. That’s a lot for you to get your beaks into!

More updates are coming soon, so watch out for them, and keep your penguin eyes out!

P.S. I will probably do the Fair cheats vid some time tomorrow.


Site Updates, The Fair 2011 Cheats, New Newspaper #309 & New Pins!

Site Updates

You may have noticed some updates over the night (well I did it last night actually). First, we’ve changed our name to Club Penguin City, and our URL to The banners will be updated soon with this new address, and so will my YouTube videos. We’ve also changed our header to a cooler version with “Club Penguin City” as the title. Amazingly, I finally figured out how to make Club penguin text (thanks to a very helpful YouTube video) and made the title myself. Originally, i was going to order it from a CP graphics shop.

We will also change the Monthly Newsletter title to “CPC Monthly Times” (CPC stands for Club Penguin City).

We hope you like this update, and tell us what you think in the comments.


The Fair 2011 Cheats

There are lots of new cheats for the Fair 2011.

Firstly, there is a Prize Booth at the Forest, where you can redeem your Tickets for exclusive new prizes. You can earn Tickets by playing games, for example, there is Puffle Paddle and Memory Cards at the Forest, and Puffle O shooting at the Cove. I highly reccommend Puffle-O shooting as it gives you lots of Tickets.

Members can also get exclusive member-only prizes and can watch awesome Puffle Shows at the Great Puffle Circus. This is also located in the Forest, but since I’m not a member, I can’t show you inside. (Hopefully one of my authors will show you)

Also, if you go to the Ski Village and stand on the star stool, and click on the camera, you can get a free background.

This background is called the “Step Right Up” background, and you receive once your picture is taken.

Rockhopper is also here with an awesome new catalogue!

Collect the cool free “Inky Squid Lid” item!

Rockhopper also has a new “To do” list in the Captains Quarters. Go there and check it out. It’s Fair-ly cool!

There are also new Fair postcards to send to your buddies!

This includes  “Awesome Outfit”, “Rockhopper”, “My Stamp Book”, “The Fair” and “I like your outfit” postcards. Each postcard costs 10 coins to send to a friend.

That’s basically it, but there’s still plenty more to check out. Go online yourself and start partying.

BTW: I will make a YouTube cheats vid on The Fair soon.

Tell us what you think of the Fair in the comments.


New Newspaper #309

There’s a new newspaper out and it’s issue 309! Here’s the front cover:

And of course there’s plenty of awesome upcoming events to look forward to:

Here’s what’s coming up:

Starting Now: The Fair is on! – Plenty of games and prizes galore!

Starting Now: Rockhopper’s Rare Items – Check out the Inky Squid Lid! Climb aboard the Migrator at the Beach.

Sept 29: New prize booth items in the Forest!

Oct 1: Pay Day – Tour Guides, check your mail boxes for your monthly paycheck.

Oct 6: New pin hidden.

 That’s plenty to look forward to! Leave a comment to tell us what you thought of this cool new newspaper and upcoming events.


New Pins

There are 4 new pins out. One you can buy at the Prize booth in the Forest, and the other you can buy at the Great Puffle Circus member Prize booth. The other 2 are for everyone. The milkshake is located in the Dojo Courtyard and the SnowCone is located in the Coffee Shop. Here’s the data:


Name: Milkshake Pin

Location: Dojo Courtyard

For: All


Name: Snow Cone Pin

Location: Coffee Shop

For: All

How: Throw snowballs into the cone in the bottom left corner of the Coffee Shop.

Good luck with those pins! Don’t forget to check the Pin Tracker regulary to see if a new pin is released.

That’s all, see you in the next post.


Happy77 – Bumper Car Sneak Peek for the Fair!

Hello Penguins!

Today I noticed a cheat thing on another site I happened to visit, and noticed a new secret vid Happy77 had created. Although the cheat didn’t work for me, I can still show you the vid. The vid is unlisted, so only those with the link can view it.

Hope you like this vid, and tell us what you think of it in the comments.



New CP App : ‘Puffle Launch’ Release, Club Penguin Fair Sneak Peek by Happy77, September Membership Page, 2011 Fair Prep, New Newspaper #308, Fairy Fables at the Stage & Site News & Updates!

New CP App: ‘Puffle Launch’ Release

CP have released their first and latest app! This app is called Puffle Launch, and you can probably guess that it’s basically the mini-game of Puffle Launch on CP on your iPhone/iPod/iPad!

You guys are lucky because I’ve got some exclusive pics to show you that I’ve taken from my iPod.

The best thing is the app is only 69p (0.99$)! I wish it was free, but this is still a great deal! What do you think of this awesome new app? Leave a comment, and if yours gets chosen, it may be featured in the next post (100 Token reward)!


Club Penguin Fair Sneak Peek by Happy77

Recently Happy77 released a new sneak peek vid on YouTube. Here’s the vid about the sneak peek of the Fair 2011:

Hope you enjoy watching, and tell us what you think of this vid in the comments.


September Membership Page

Club Penguin have updated their membership page for September!

Here’s what it says:

    • Step right up for the Great Puffle Circus – With an all new brown puffle act!
    • Play games and win new prizes at the members only Prize Booth!
    • Race, crash and cheer at the bumper car areana at the Stadium!
    • And coming in October: New spooky costumes! And enter the Dark Chamber if you dare…

Awesome! I can’t wait for all this new stuff! I might become a member soon if all this cool new stuff is coming! But what do you think? Leave a comment.


 2011 Fair Prep

The Fair is arriving next week, and preparations are underway!

Cool! There also some new prizes I think I’ve seen somewhere in the newspaper, I’ll tell you when I get on to the newspaper section.

There is also a new Fair start up screen. Go to CP and check it out!

I’ve also spotted Rockhopper in the telescope at the Beacon.

Awesome! Rockhopper’s coming! I can’t wait! Tell us what you think in the comments.


New Newspaper #308

There is a new newspaper out! It’s issue 308, and it’s all about the Fair! Here’s the front cover:

There’s also an article about the Brown Puffle act which is coming to the Great Puffle Circus when the Fair begins.

Awesome! I can’t wait until the Brown Puffle peforms!

There are also tons of upcoming events coming up, so I’m also going to show you them.

If you can’t read that, here’s what’s coming up soon:

Starting Now: Fair Construction – Construction workers! Head to the Beach to start building.

Starting Sept 22: The Fair – New costumes, prizes and colourful decorations!

Sept 22: Rockhopper arrivves for the Fair!

Sept 22: New Pin hidden!

Starting Sept 29: Member Prize Booth – Trade tickets for new exclusive prizes!

There’s so much coming up! September 22nd is a busy day, and the Fair also starts on ept 22nd!

Tell us what you think of this awesome new newspaper and all the awesome upcoming events in the comments.


 Fairy Fables at the Stage

Fairy fables has come to the Stage! Here’s what the stage looks like now:

And inside:

This awesome play looks so cool! But there’s still the Costume Trunk to check out:

The costume trunk is so cool! I hope you enjoy this play, and get together with your buddies and perform!

Tell us what you think about this play in the comments!


Site News & Updates!

It’s time for some site updates! There hasn’t been that many updates recently apart from the opening of the Penguin Club (which you can join now by clicking here). But I’m sending out the Monthly Newsletter today, so that’s one thing (you can subscribe to the Monthly Newsletter by clicking here.)

There will be many new site updates coming soon!

See you in the next post.


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