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Hello Penguins,

I have made a new blog, Cheats Club Penguin. But, until I see it on Google search, I will still remain with this blog. Please everyone visit:

I will still also be working/co-owning Club Penguin Tour (

We need as many views and publicity as possible. So please help us get views by putting our new blog onto your blogroll. Thanks.

-Andromeda4, Site Owner

Cheats will be below until I no longer post on this site.

Where Our Cheats Posts Will Now Be…

AHH! It’s that time, the time that I’m moving blog. Of course you can still read this blog, but now cheats will only be posted on my new blog. I probably would still be posting on here if it wasn’t for my internet. When I try and copy my posts, it doesn’t copy pictures and messes up all the text. So, sorry, I’ll only be posting on my new blog, Cheats Club Penguin. Feel free to visit this blog for cheat updates and MORE!

So, I guess this is goodbye. :'(. For now.


Club Penguin Payday Comes At Last – But Only For Tour Guides?

Club Penguin have finally sent out our monthly paychecks! Or should that be paycheck?

This month Club Penguin have been late with their paychecks, and only Tour Guides have received theirs! What’s happened to the EPF ones? Has Herbert stolen them or something?

Here’s a pic of the Tour Guide paycheck:

Well, that’s 250 coins to add to your collection! Actually, I just got the April Club Penguin Magazine today, and to top up your coins I’ll show you some of the latest codes, which are 500 coins per code:




So that’s 1,500 coins more! I hope you enjoy spending and don’t forget to leave us a comment below on what you spent your money on!

Club Penguin Dubstep Puffle & Blue Penguin Glitch!

Club Penguin have uploaded a new video to their YouTube channel, called Dubstep puffle. Check it out:

Cool! There’s even a code at the end: HPHONES1.

Woah, that vid is totally crazy! A man with a puffle on his head, a snowboarding/surfing puffle, all of it’s just so CRAZY! Which bit did you think was the craziest? Let us know in the comments.

Part 2 – The blue penguin glitch. I’ve done a YouTube video for this, to save taking tons of pictures.

That glitch is so weird! If you’re viewing on a phone or something that can’t view YouTube, here’s a pic of the glitch:

Does the glitch work for you? Let us know in the comments.

Club Penguin April Penguin Style Catalogue Cheats!

There’s a new Penguin Style catalogue out, which means loads of funky new fashions!

Dark Cocoa Bunny Suit:

  1. Go to page 3 of the catalogue
  2. Click the tree in the top right.

Brown Striped Fedora and the Green Recycle T-Shirt:

  1. Go to page 4 of the catalogue.
  2. Click on the bottom of the spade.

Viking Helmet:

  1. Go to page 6 of the catalogue
  2. Click the tip of the paintbrush.
  3. If you want the rare blue viking helmet, open and close it three more times.

Those are the cheats for most of the newest items in the catalogue (some are old). Let us know your thoughts on the new catalogue in a comment below.

Club Penguin Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt!

It’s Easter (almost)! That means it’s time for an Easter Egg Hunt on Club Penguin!

Click on the Easter Egg icon at the top right of your screen to get started.

To find the first egg, go to the Hidden Lake!

You now have 1 egg!

The next egg is at the Book Room! This egg is good at hiding, so look carefully and you’ll find it!

You now have 2 eggs!

Now go to the Beach!

You now have 3 eggs!

Now go to the Mine.

You now have 4 eggs!

The next one’s at the Cove!

Click that one, and you now have 5 eggs!

The next egg’s at the Gift Shop!

Hmm, I think that one should have been hidden at the Cove, and the one at the Cove here! It would make more sense, since you catch fish at the Cove and buy gifts at the Gift Shop… Anyway! You now have 6 eggs!

For the next egg, go to the Ski Village!

You now have 7 eggs, just 1 more to go!

For the final egg, go to the Beacon!

You’ve got all the eggs! All you need to do is claim your prize, by clicking “Claim Prize”!

This year’s prize is a pair of yellow bunny ears!

Do you like my new look? Don’t forget, if you’re a good little penguin, I might just hop past your igloo and deliver some nice choccy eggs!

Are you lovin’ the Easter Egg Hunt? Let us know in the comments!

Club Penguin ‘Easter Basket’ Pin Cheats!

There’s a new Easter pin, and here’s what you have to do to find it!

  1. Open up your map in the bottom left corner of your screen.
  2. Click on the Forest.
  3. Click on the pin!

You now have the latest Club Penguin pin!

Club Penguin Field-Op #76 Cheats!

The orders for the latest field-op are here, so EPF agents, get ready for some espionage action!

  1. Open up your spy gadget in the bottom left corner of your screen.
  2. Click “Go There”
  3. Waddle up to the yellow Field-Op screen to the right of the Command Room.
  4. Click “Accept Field-Op”

 5. Go to the Dance Lounge

6. Waddle up to the red arcade machine in the top left corner of the room.

7. Click your spy gadget in the bottom left corner.

8. Click “Engage”

9. Match up your symbol to one of the ones at the top using your arrow keys.

10. Once you’ve finished, you’ll receive your medal and a message from Dot.

That’s it! You’re done! Don’t forget to check the field-op tracker regularly to see when next week’s orders are released!

What do you think of this week’s field-op? How did you do? Let us know in the comments!

Club Penguin Times #337 is out!

There’s a new issue of the Club Penguin Times out, and it’s number #337! Check out the main article, about the Easter Egg Hunt, written by Aunt Arctic.

Cool, so you’ve still got five days to hunt for the eggs! The next article’s about Earth Day, also written by Aunt Arctic. Do you remember last year when the Recycling Centre was built, and the Mine was decorated with loads of awesome stuff, including a tree? In this year’s event, there’s going to be rare animal costumes and more…

Sounds fun! I like that Club Penguin are giving money to endangered animals, as well as Coins for Change. The money that was donated for animals from Coins for Change will celebrated during Earth Day this year, I can’t wait! It all sounds so fun!

There’s tons of awesome events coming up, including a new Penguin Style Catalogue, a new Better Igloos Catalogue, and more! There’s so much to look forward to!

What do you think of the new Easter Egg Hunt, the upcoming Earth Day celebrations and the upcoming events? Let us know in the comments!


Hello Penguins.

I have realised that Club Penguin is now a baby’s game, so I’m quitting. I am getting too old for Club Penguin. So this is goodbye.

April Fools is over… Click here for the truth.

I will no longer play Club Penguin any more, so goodbye!!

Club Penguin April Parent Update!

Hello Penguins!

Club Penguin have sent out their new parent update for April:

Dear Parents,

At Club Penguin, we love celebrations – especially ones that give our players more opportunities to have fun, get creative and protect the planet! Over the next month, we’ll get a little foolish, hunt for treats and celebrate helping endangered animals.

Crazy Igloo Contest

Ever think your child would make a great interior designer? As part of the April Fool’s Party, we’ll launch the craziest igloo decorating contest ever! Members could win a million virtual coins and 7 rare igloo items! If your child’s not a member, now’s the time to buy!


Easter Scavenger Hunt

Everyone loves treats, and there are lots to find during our annual Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt beginning April 5th. Encourage your child to sharpen their sleuthing skills and join the fun! And here’s a hint to pass along – near a broken Aqua Grabber, in the Hidden Lake, is a great place to start looking for eggs!


Earth Day Event

Did you know Club Penguin membership supports valuable projects around the world? Beginning April 18th your child can learn about endangered animals we help protect at our annual Earth Day event. Members can dress up as a lion, snow leopard, African painted dog or even a rockhopper penguin!

Looking for ways to balance your child’s time online? Use our parent tools to change chat settings, view account history, and set a play timer. We’d love to hear how you balance screen time at home. Let us know!

– The Club Penguin Team


Wow! That’s tons of new epic news! Let us know what you think in the comments.

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